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Give your team the edge when operating in remote and extreme environments by harnessing the power of communication to overcome your challenges and develop new opportunities for success.

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  • Getting Started on Maritime Satellite Communication

    Getting Started on Maritime Satellite Communication

    In the ongoing digital revolution, satellite communication is part of the foundation that fuels the progress. Being able to connect, send and receive data via the internet, even when in remote locations enables companies to radically improve business and operational interactions. Relaying internet data via satellite involves transmitting signals from an antenna to a satellite and from the satellite to an earth station and then on to the public internet. Get introduced to satellite communication: what’s needed to get connected, what it can offer, and how to obtain the services you require.

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  • Maritime use cases

    Maritime use cases

    In the maritime sector satellite communication is one of the foundations of today’s business. It enables everything from maritime operations and smart shipping to crew welfare and passenger entertainment. With the correct setup of antenna terminals and air time provider there are few limitations to what can be done.

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  • Business Case for Satellite Internet

    Business Case for Satellite Internet

    Buying satellite communication can be a costly affair, but when taking into consideration all the benefits that comes with a strong digital connection, the investment will quickly be paid back. From cargo monitoring & management, crew welfare, digital reporting & documentation to engine sensor monitoring and route optimization, the benefits from a stable satellite connection are many, and the business case is clear.

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