EXPLORER 6075LX System

0.75m Stabilized Auto-Acquire Fly-Away Antenna System for Inmarsat Global Xpress®
Included in system

Consisting of:

- 403160C-50004 EXPLORER 6000LX Base Unit

- 403146C-50110 EXPLORER Ka RF Package (5W BUC)

- 4 Piece Carbon Fiber Reflector

- IP65-Rated Base Unit with embedded GX Core Module

- Built-in Wifi and a Web-based User Interface for Easy Configuration

- Replaceable Ka-band Feed Horn

- Commercial 5W Ka-band BUC and LNB

- 24-48 VDC

- Power Supply (403160P) is optional and not included

- 2 Case Packup (<23 kg each), Airline checkable